Holographic Pyramids

Holograms are now at your fingertips! The holographic pyramids allow you to broadcast an animation in the heart of a glass prism, simulating a 3D object. You will be able to get a message, project a video (presenter filmed on a green background for example), manipulate a 3D object from all angles and do many other things!

By adding a real object inside, we can “map” animations according to the shapes of the object and thus create an experience of Mixed Reality. Your visitors will be marked by your next-generation POS and your message will be successfully broadcast!

Dreamoc holographic pyramids

Holographic Dreamoc HD3

Dreamoc HD3

W : 22in | H : 13.4in | D : 16.5in

Dreamoc XL3 Holographic Pyramid

Dreamoc XL3

W : 44.55in | H : 21.65inD : 27in

Dreamoc XXL3 holographic pyramid

Dreamoc XXL3

W : 78in | H : 78inD : 70in

Pyramids 3 sides available in 3 sizes for maximum impact

SMART holographic pyramid


L : 30 cm | H : 20 cm | D : 24 cm

NOVA Holographic Pyramid


L : 50 cm | H : 40 cm | D : 40 cm

SUPERNOVA holographic pyramid


L : 60 cm | H : 50 cm | D : 50 cm