Holographic pyramid Dreamoc XL3 for sale

The Dreamoc XL3 is a large mixed reality device that proves to be an ideal solution for large spaces such as targeted retail outlets, hotel lobbies and professional reception areas. It is the proper holographic POS to convey an impacting message and draw attention to your brand or product.

It is also a very effective solution for events such as trade fairs or trade shows. And thanks to its 3 sides, the Dreamoc XL3 holographic pyramid allows you to capture a very wide audience.

POS showcase Hologram 3D : Dreamoc XL3

POS Holographic : Dreamoc XL3

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This holographic display is impressive in size but still flexible when mounted on wheels facilitating travel.

This multi-purpose display is available in two different versions depending on your needs.

The Basic version with an open totem that creates a quiet and trendy visual environment and the Shelves version that allows you to store products (perfumes, alcohol bottles …).

Width : 40,55 inches | Height : 21,65 inches | Depth : 27 inches
Weight : 110,2 lbs

Retail prices:

  • Dreamoc XL3: Contact us
  • Totem (Basic): €1.100 | Totem (Shelves): €1.200
  • Flightcase: €1.200

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