Rental and sale of Dreamoc HD3 holographic pyramid

The Dreamoc HD3 has many features, such as an integrated audio system, high-end glass windows for an optimal illusion and a sleek design, to highlight your holographic content.

Very easy to use, you simply plug it into a conventional power outlet to make it work, like a TV.

Thanks to its clever trap system (which can be locked), you can place one or more real objects in the heart of the pyramid and transform your 3D hologram into a Mixed Reality animation.

We can fully realize your 3D holographic animation (detoured video, 3D object sequence, photo slideshow …) according to your brief on estimate.

3D Holographic display : Dreamoc HD3

Perfectly suited for a showcase or living room, the Dreamoc HD3 holographic pyramid is the essential element to attract attention. It is supplied with a totem (Width: 22 inches | Height: 47.6 inches | Depth: 16.5 inches), for maximum visibility.

Width: 22 inches | Height: 13.4 inches | Depth: 16.5 inches
Weight: 48.4 lbs

Our team is available for a great service on-site (optional).

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Enhance your product

The HD3 Pyramid comes with a variety of features, such as built-in audio, high-end glass optics, and HDMI input. Just plug in the screen and you’re ready! It is magic !

Placing a real product inside and projecting 3D holographic content to the shape of the object on it creates a stunning effect that enhances the impact of the product and causes a “wow” effect on the viewer.

Whatever type of solution you are looking for, we can fully support you, from the first idea to the final implementation, sublimating your brand and your product in a spectacular way.

Holographic showcase Dreamoc HD3 at a trade show
Dreamoc HD3 holographic display case strategically placed in a shop

Captivate your audience

The holographic content inside the Dreamoc HD3 showcase is visible from three sides, allowing viewers to wander around the screen and observe the product from almost any angle. The magic operates at 180 ° and allows you to capture a wide audience whether at a trade show, a professional event or shop.

The mixed reality experience can be further enhanced by strategically placing real products right inside the pyramid. Enabling your audience to touch and feel the product they see coming to life makes it all the more appealing and increases the conversion of viewers into customers.

A futuristic showcase that will captivate and fascinate all your visitors, a formidable communication tool!

Specificities of the holographic showcase HD3

Specificities of the holographic showcase HD3

The Dreamoc HD3 Holographic pyramid gallery

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The Dreamoc HD3 Pyramid in videos