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FOOH (Fake Out Of Home): 3D virtual advertising for your brand

FOOH (Fake Out Of Home): 3D virtual advertising for your brand

Interactive Studio, your partner in digital transformation, presents a new bridge to virtual worlds!

We are proud to introduce FOOH (Fake Out-Of-Home), a revolution in the world of advertising and consumer engagement.

What is FOOH?

Fake Out-Of-Home (FOOH) is an innovative advertising strategy that uses simulated environments or augmented reality technologies to recreate outdoor advertising experiences in indoor or virtual spaces.

This approach replicates the impact of outdoor advertising campaigns, but with increased flexibility and personalization.

Whether in shopping centers, airports, offices or even consumers’ homes, FOOH transforms these spaces into powerful vectors of communication and user experience.

FOOH is a unique opportunity to transform your spaces into innovative and effective communication hubs.

At Interactive Studio, we provide you with the best technological solutions to improve your visibility and customer engagement.

To find out more about our FOOH solutions and discover how we can help you transform your space, do not hesitate to contact us.

Join the FOOH revolution with Interactive Studio!

Why choose FOOH?

Increased engagement

Interactive solutions capture consumers’ attention, inspiring them to interact with your brand.

Improved customer experience

Simulated environments enhance the customer experience, making their visit more enjoyable and informative.

Targeted advertising campaigns

FOOH uses data analysis to maximize the impact of your campaigns with targeted advertising.

Monetization of advertising spaces

Establishments can increase their revenue by renting virtual or real advertising space.

Flexibility and dynamism of your campaigns

Content can be updated in real time, enabling dynamic and responsive advertising campaigns.

Advertising deployment on social networks

As part of our FOOH strategy, we are also integrating an increased social media presence to maximize your reach and engagement:

  • Campaign Amplification: Use clips from your FOOH campaigns to share across social media, creating continuity and brand recognition.

  • Social Engagement: Increase interaction by encouraging users to share their FOOH experience on their social networks.

  • Precise targeting: Use collected data to create targeted ads on social platforms, reaching a wider, relevant audience.

  • Analysis and optimization: Monitor the performance of your social campaigns and adjust them in real time to maximize impact and engagement.

Customer testimonials

Our customers are our best advertisement. Here’s what they say about our FOOH solutions:

Since we integrated Interactive Studio’s interactive displays, our customers spend more time in our shopping center and our sales have increased by 20%.

Jean M., Shopping Center Director

Augmented reality has not only modernized our airport, but also simplified the management of information and special offers.

Marie L., Airport director

Where to deploy your FOOH?

Our FOOH solutions can be deployed in a variety of locations to maximize the impact of your advertising campaigns:

  • Shopping centers: Transform shopping areas into interactive and captivating spaces.

  • Airports: Provide immersive experiences for waiting travelers.

  • Train and metro stations: Capture the attention of public transport users.

  • Offices and coworking spaces: Create dynamic and informative environments.

  • Hotels and Resorts: Enrich the visitor experience with engaging content.

  • Monuments and historic sites: Integrate virtual elements for innovative cultural visits.

  • Retail Stores: Improve customer engagement and sales with interactive displays.

  • Restaurants and cafes: Offer digital menus and real-time promotions.

  • Buses and trams: Use public transport as mobile advertising media.

  • Amusement parks and museums: Add interactive layers for a more enriching experience.

  • Event spaces and trade shows: Create interactive booths and dynamic presentations.

FOOH Virtual Advertising Gallery

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