Holographic display

Interactive Studio offers a range of holographic solutions for your events, trade shows, shops … Discover the holographic showcases to spread an innovative message and impact to all your audience.

Strong of its success in the animation, our studio realizes customized holographic animations, diffused in these holographic windows for a “Wahou” effect guaranteed! You can also place real objects and project 3D holograms on it for an unforgettable show!

Discover the POS of the future!

Discover our range of holographic showcase

ZED Holographic display

ZED (with touch pad)

W : 31 cm | H : 25 cm | D : 20 cm

ONE FACE BOXED Holographic display


W : 60 cm | H : 40 cmD : 40 cm

Dreamoc POP3 holographic display

Dreamoc POP3

W : 54.8 cm | H : 37 cmD : 50 cm