• Création de site web responsive (Responsive Web Design)

Responsive Design

Your website is suitable with all types of media: desktop, tablet, smartphone …

With the increasing number of electronic devices with an Internet connection, a company must have its own website for every platforms in order to enable its assault of the web with success.

On tablets, smartphones and even games consoles, a company must have a version of its website that take into account the specific features and the technical profil of each media.

Responsive web design is the best solution both in terms of cost and in terms of simplicity to ensure your presence on all media without exception.

The responsive web design enables the creation of an only site automatically suitable with different screen resolutions. During its conception, the website takes immediately into account the various screen sizes available and all the navigation options. The main goal is to optimize website content in each device used.

There are many good reasons for a company to test responsive web design : customer loyalty, multi-media presence, …

mobile users in France
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Internet traffic via mobile & tablet in 2015

Some examples of mobile website

VIP Driver France

VIP Driver France Project Interactive Studio, customized website creator made ​​to the website of the company to private chauffeur VIP Driver France , specializing in private and business trips

Magic Hologram

Magic Hologram Visit this website Project Magic Hologram offers an innovative concept : 3D holograms on your smartphone (iPhone, Galaxy ...) ! By a system of reflections

If your site is searchable in all platforms, you will increase your visibility on the web. One of the other forces of responsive web design is to provide to the internet users with a content and a navigation which are perfectly adapted to the screen used: iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and other smartphones.

Each electronic device has often its own particular application mode. For example, the smartphone is more especially used to go shopping or to find information about existing trade deals.

The responsive web design solution that is available to you will correspond to all your requirements. Conception of a special ergonomic for touch navigation, adjustment of pages and visuals, …

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