Giant holographic fan 3D

Amaze your visitors with the HoloRotor XL, a 1 meter diameter holographic fan made up of 4 blades and 680 LEDs that can display giant holograms! Whether you want to spread an impacting message or stunning animation, the HoloRotor XL is the perfect tool.

Its many quality LEDs make it possible to have a clear, fluid and luminous image in most environments. In addition, its low power consumption (12V) allows you to let it run for long periods without any problems.

Interactive Studio offers you to create your custom animations to have your hologram projector personalized with your content.

HoloRotor XL: 4 blades, 1 meter holographic fan

HoloRotor XL : Hélice holographique 1 mètre géante

Price without VAT for 1 day

The HoloRotor XL is a device that allows you to display 3D floating holograms up to 1 meter in diameter. Its 4 blades are covered with 680 LEDs. When they rotating, the human eye can no longer distinguish them and only the image produced by the LEDs remains, giving the illusion that the animation floats in the air without support, in the manner of a transparent screen.

Truly bluffing, it is the amazing tool to impress your customers.

Material: ABS + Metal + PC
Display size: 1m in diameter
Dimensions: 1m x 1m x 9cm
Power: 12V
Consumption: 65W
Operating temperature: min: -10 ° C / max: 60 ° C
View angle: 176 °
Lifespan: more than 100,000 hours
Brightness: 3000lm-4000lm
Weight: 3 kg

Our team is available for a great service on-site (optional). 

Retail price*: €3.950

* Holographic animation not included.

Rental Price
1 day €850
2 days €1.650 or 825€ per day
3 days €2.400 or 800€ per day
4 days €3.100 or 775€ per day
For a period greater than 4 days, please contact us / Security deposit: €3.950

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