Holographic display case working with touch pad

The ZED holographic showcase works with a touch pad (like iPad, Galaxy Tab ..) and allows you to project holograms very simply. Thanks to its treated glass optics, the illusion will be perfect and your holographic animation sublimate your products in an innovative way!

This is the ideal PLV for shop (jewelery, perfume ..) or a stand for a trade show for example.

Capture the attention of your visitors by entertaining them in a spectacular way!

POS 3D Holographic Showcase: ZED

POS Holographic showcase ZED

Price without VAT for 1 day

Ideal for a showcase, or for the presentation of a small object (jewelery, perfume …) or a concept during a show or event. Works with an iPad or 10-inch tablet (iPad provides for delivery). Easy to assemble and transport.

ZED Size (cm): 31*25*20

Our team is available for a great service on-site (optional).

Retail price (without the tablet): €599

Renting Price
1 day €200
2 days €380 or €190 per day
3 days €540 or €180 per day
4 days €680 or €170 per day
For a period greater than 4 days, please contact us / Security deposit: €500

The Holographic ZED gallery

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The holographic ZED showcase in videos