Transparent Holographic Film for Rear Projection

Film Holographique transparent pour rétroprojection arrière

Price without VAT per m²

This holographic film makes it possible to project a remarkable holographic image with a superb contrast on a showcase. In the middle of the day, the film is almost invisible, the evening the projection is captivating. Your windows come to life. It is the ideal solution to project on a window of night.

You will need a projector with a light output of at least 5000 lumens.


Color: 95% Transparent
Material: Optical Projection Film

Angle of view: 180º
Minimum order: 1,5m by 1m
Thickness: 120 microns


  • Presentations
  • Fair
  • Advertising on frontage
  • Points of sale
  • Interior design
  • Museum

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