Dreamoc holographic pyramids

Dreamoc holographic pyramids

Synonymous with quality, the Dreamoc holographic pyramids allow you to broadcast a 3D ultra-high definition hologram (thanks to its Crystalline Optics), to be able to control holograms via an interface or to place real objects in the center (thanks to the secure hatch).

The Dreamoc holographic pyramid range allows you to broadcast an advertising message, a speech, a warning and many more things in an never seen and innovative way!

Dreamoc holographic pyramids

Holographic Dreamoc HD3

Dreamoc HD3

W : 22in | H : 13.4in | D : 16.5in

Dreamoc XL3 Holographic Pyramid

Dreamoc XL3

W : 44.55in | H : 21.65inD : 27in

Dreamoc XXL3 holographic pyramid

Dreamoc XXL3

W : 78in | H : 78inD : 70in

Creating 3D holographic animations and content

In order to have a customized holographic message, we can realize any type of animation (3D logo, shooting on a green background, 3D illusion, video ..). Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Examples of holographic animations