Mentalist Magician / Yoan Tanuji

Mentalist Magician - Magician website creation Yoan Tanuji

About this project

The website is a creation of our web agency, designed to highlight the talents of Yoan Tanuji, a professional mentalist magician. Using WordPress, a flexible and robust CMS, we have developed a responsive website that adapts perfectly to all devices, ensuring an optimal user experience. Our goal was to combine aesthetics and functionality, integrating captivating visual elements with intuitive navigation to reflect Yoan’s magic and professionalism.

In developing the website for Yoan Tanuji, our web design agency focused on SEO optimization and performance, guaranteeing maximum visibility in search engines. We’ve incorporated keyword-rich content relating to website building and magic services, whilst ensuring the site remains visually appealing and easy to navigate. Thanks to our expertise in creating responsive websites, we have ensured a fluid and engaging user experience, thus promoting visitor interaction with the site’s content.



Skills: Web design, SEO, Responsive, WordPress

Year: 2021